Screen memory /// Henry Panza

I know. I lied. It was supposed to be strictly an archive for the Kingpin feature, then you spend a day or tow without new posts and it looks so empty. So, being lazy (I blame it on excessive South-of-Frenchness), I decided to let the slavemaster in me express himself and have other people do my job and do some playlists on various themes. Outsourcing at its best -ie at its least tiring.
In order to cross-celebrate the Traffic skateboards article in the new Kingpin and the birth of this very section in the mag, the first one to do the honors is one of my favorite skaters from the past years. Very honored to welcome the Direction East don, and East Coast powerhouse, über-pop wizard Henry Panza.
to from the Traffic website by Stadler)

“5 songs I felt fit the skater
and worked the best in videos”
/// by Henry Panza

1. Misfits : London Dungeon
(Mike Maldonado, Welcome to Hell)

2. GZA : Publicity
(Gino Ianucci, The Chocolate Tour)

3. Neil Young : Cowgirl In The Sand
(Aaron Suski, In Search of Roots & Culture)

4. Metallica : Damage Inc.
(Ricky Oyola, Eastern Exposure 3)

5. Pink Floyd : Time
(Mike Maldonado, Jump Off a Building)


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