Only built for cuban links

Being new to the blog thing, not sure about etiquette dos and donts, might sound corny but I’d like to thank crailtap, slap, 1 fellswoop and you will soon for the link up. Without these guys I could never have bought that first Red Bull Range Rover.


4 Responses to “Only built for cuban links”

  1. Watson Says:

    No prob, thanks for the link back. Where are you from? England? I may have to cash in a ride in the Red Bull Range!

  2. The New Stereo Video Says:

    I’m from Marseille, France.

    … The Red Bull range was more for the whole Sheckler thing, I drive an humble Ford Fiesta in the real life. 120 000 miles and counting !

  3. Watson Says:

    Ahaha yes, the sarcasm was not lost on me. If I really thought that you drove a Red Bull Range Rover I would have already made fun of you on my blog.

  4. The New Stereo Video Says:

    And that would have been well deserved.
    Here’s a list idea for you though : the top 10 shittiest skaters’ cars. Touchy subject, huh? I mean between Red Bull Ranges, skateable SUVs and limos… aww…

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