Screen memory | Fred Demard

We all were going to keep on lamenting forever after the demise of Chill mag, made by these people of taste and fine defenders of the Droorstalgia themselves. So one day the French president called Fred Demard, the man, the legend, the tail-grabbing pop-shove it icon, and Soma magazine was born. Super nice layout, small format, available for 1 Euro only at all the fine skate-shops in France. Until a new real posting, in two weeks I think, here’s Soma’s editor in chief’s little playlist…

5 songs that should be
in skateboard videos | by Fred Demard

1. The Beatles : Helter Skelter

2 Fugazi : Guilford Fall Demo (Instrument album’s version)

3. Beefeater :
Wars in Space

4. Dag Nasty :
All Ages Show

5. Neil Young :
Southern Pacific

“Oh and also I would imagine Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA over a Bam Margera part, that would kill”, Fred added. Just to give you a small, small glimpse of his kind of humour…


3 Responses to “Screen memory | Fred Demard”

  1. Watson Says:

    Damn it! I was gonna make a post like this too.

    But I think I just may do top ten bands.

  2. The New Stereo Video Says:

    that would be cool.

  3. hern42 Says:

    Fredd rules…

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