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Having picked the soundtrack to FTC’s Penal Code 100 A, alone, makes you a permanent honoris causa citizen of this blog. Aaron Meza, of crailtap fame, did. So instead of talking about his greatest achievements, which we all know and revere, how about his greatest almosts? Here are some tunes that shoulda, coulda, woulda been in skateboard videos if only it was all up to the mullet-girded 8th grader on this photo.

5 great songs that should (or maybe one day will) be in a skate video | by Aaron Meza

1. John Simon: Tannenbaum
“I thought Rick or MJ could have skated to it in Fully Flared. Damn it, outvoted again. I was going to use it for the JJ Rouseau part of The Déjà Vu Cliché video but they booted him off the team.”

2. Belle and Sebastian: Fuck This Shit
“A sad instrumental that could be used for the bummer part of a bummer video.”

3. Diamond Head: Am I Evil
“Alex Olson should have skated to this, you’d probably have to lose the intro though.”

4. Sleep: Dragonaut
“But only if it were never used in Gummo and it was of two skaters, friends, skating through town hitting spots like in an old Powell video, and then they go sniff glue and kill cats. I’d cast Lennie Kirk and Josh Kalis from 1996.”

5. Alice Cooper: Hello Hooray
“It’d really be at the front of the video and only on the premiere copy. It’d play while the audience was in the theater waiting to see the video that took another four years to finish. I’d be kind of an apology but it’d be triumphant as well. At least that’s the way I’d see it.”


One Response to “Screen memory | Aaron Meza”

  1. Slobodan Burgher Says:

    The fact that GAUZE (Japan) have yet to be used in a skateboard video is shocking.

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