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Some time in 1996, the skate shop we were hanging out at in Montpellier (France) received some super ghetto, home made posters for a random contest in Llerida (Spain). Back then there weren’t really any Euro mags around, barely any internet access amongst our circles, so we didn’t know anything about the Spanish scene. Were there even skaters there? We had no clue. The contest had some prize money, cool, so some people in our crew -I won’t “poucave” any names- developed definite bounty hunter thoughts about it. The only problem? There was a bit of an obstacle between the loot and our elite’s grandeur dreams. Once we reached basically, and I’ve been to all the Munsters and the Radlands, we witnessed the most amazing street course destruction I’ve ever seen. EVER. It got stormed by then unknown names such as Javier Sarmiento, Sem Rubio, Marcelino Castro, Alex Castaneda, Pablo Dominguez, Raul Retamal. Daniel Lebron was there too, I think. Or maybe he wasn’t, but I just wanted to share one of these humbling moments that life teaches you sometimes. Anyway. As you might know by now, Dani is also a really good flamenco guitar player. Here’s the playlist qui va avec

5 flamenco tunes that would
sound good in a skate video | by Daniel Lebron

1. Paco de Lucia: La tumbona
Listen to it here, but don’t buy from them

2. Paco de Lucia: Entre dos aguas

Check the 1976 video here

3. Camaron: Romance de la luna
You think it’s a video, but it’s ony the tune, right here

4. Camaron: La leyenda del tiempo
Musical slideshow, this way

5. Vicente Amigo: Ciudad de las ideas

Better than Live After Death, aqui


6 Responses to “Screen memory | Daniel Lebron”

  1. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    now we all can play ” Match the skater that would fit the tune”…

  2. Mcidraque Says:

    Ça va!

    I’m glad you’re learning spanish through our blog! by the way even tough i’m living in barcelona at the moment i’m originally from Andalusia (south of spain) where flamenco music is kinda big. Defenetly down for Camaron and Paco de lucía (he used to play guitar with camaron on their early times) La leyenda del tiempo is the best flamenco album ever.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S: We are good friends with marcos gomez, he told us you were riding for adidas which is awesome. Cheers!

  3. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    Oh I’m riding for Adidas? sorry, wrong Seb cause I don’t, actually can you believe it I used to ride for NSS in 97 ?! I got exactly one pair thru their french distributor and then he folded. That was my only sponsorship experience.

    Marcos was actually at that contest too I think, then we met him again when me, benjamin deberdt and the other Seb came to barcelona with Tom Penny, renting a car from Bordeaux. That was a crazy, crazy weird trip, man.

    Oh and last thing, that I was telling Dani : my next door neighbor in Marseille is Joel Laplane, he built some pro-model guitars for Paco de Lucia, fi real ! You can check his website : (it’s in spanish too).
    Amazing old dude.

  4. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    i meant “older” dude, he’s not that crumby.

  5. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    Just got this email from Mark Whiteley at Slap :

    “I used “entre dos aguas” in a video I made in 1996 for the Skate Works skate shop (owned by justin strubing’s family). I thought it fit steven bailey of consolidated fame quite nicely”

    Nice one, never hesitate to bring more precisons like this, people…

  6. ** Says:

    this dude is badass:

    1/3 of his solo record is straight-up flamenco, 1/3 is over the top SHRED, and 1/3 is a combination of the two (flametal? )

    plus he’s from New Jersey so I have to back his shit.

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