Screen memory | Tom Knox

Ever since his part to Motorcycle Psycho in Risk It, it would have felt weird, for some reason, if Tom Knox had been, say, into Usher. A big psycho/punk connoisseur, he took some time off his multi-tasking life (training for his Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt, as he already got a black one in judo, part-time structural aircraft ingeneer, drummer, pro skater too by the way) to share a little playlist. Can’t be flamenco every time, people.
(click on the titles to see clips)

5 bad-ass standup bass songs that would sound good in a skate video | by Tom Knox

1. Hank III: Straight to Hell
“Because this is where skaters are going!”

2. Reverend Horton Heat: Big Sky
“The opening riff gets you pumped.”

3. Cacti Widders: The White Whale
“A song about being on the road in a shitty van, something skater can relate to.”

4. Stray Cats: Rock This Town
“Classic bass line in a song about tearing up the town.”

5. Tiger Army: Never Die
“Something skaters will never do!”


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