Screen Memory | JB Gillet

From late 1996 to at least early 1997, I decided that I was a skateboard photographer. I mean, I lived in SF and had a FM2, right? Right. It took me a few years to figure out I wasn’t -My apologies to Fred Demard and Benjamin Deberdt for trying to convince them that I wasn’t into such obsolete concepts as “sharpness” and “lighting” by choice.
Anyway during these crazy SF days, I shot with true locs such as… JB Gillet, once and only once, and I’m not sure we’ve seen each other since. Funny enough when you consider that we’re both French and live about two hours apart. Oh well, c’est la vie as American people say, plus I was busy with that little recluse thing I got going.
12 years later we reunited this awesome collab of ours, with JB doing a playlist for A Visual Sound. Wah nom de dieu, that’s what’s up!

(Since we’re talking modern blues, true romantics and poignant, urban poetry here, I found it opportune to run a few of my personal favorite lyrics from each tune)

The top 5 gangsta-est hip hop tunes
that should be in a skateboard video | by JB Gillet

1. Tha Dogg Pound:
“We Daz, Kurupt / Kurupt and Daz / We puff on the trees / We get the cash / We DPG back on the mash.”

2. Tha Dogg Pound: Some Bomb Azz Pussy
“While I bust a hellified superfied nut, I had to go / Straight pimpin in the city, shakin ass and titties.”

3. Pimp C: I’m free
“Wasn’t nothin like “Oz,” a bunch of iron and bars / Bunch of player hatin snitches, talkin to the guards / And a whole penitentiary bein’ ran by broads / Some of ’em kept it one hundred, most of them was frauds.”

4. E-40:
I’m Da Man
“I’m buyin my yola, you gettin chronic / I’m tryin to go out the park, you tryin to bunt it / So you know if I drop it then it’s a hit / The game got it in my grip like a catcher’s mitt.”

5. Three 6 Mafia:
Knock The Black Off Ya A**
“I think they better call Bush ’cause it’s a national disaster / When I unleash my pistolgrip Bushmaster / Ring the alarm I got double charms / 100 round spinnin’ you can’t hide you can’t run.”

I wonder what kind of nut tree produces hellified, superfied nuts. Can’t be organic I’m sure.


3 Responses to “Screen Memory | JB Gillet”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hello Seb
    Bon , je vais passer pour le total freak des mags oldschool et tout , mais c’est pas une photo d’un Freestyler mag de 1997 , un article sur San Francisco ou qqlechose comme ça ?
    Je dis ça parce que j’ai du le lire 1000 fois cet article à l’époque , hu ! hu !
    Et bientôt un update sur mon blog 1992 :)
    Stay tuned !

  2. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    eh si, c’etait mon premier article de skate de tous les temps… “mes vacances en namerique” que ca s’appelait! ca va sinon?

  3. Interlude⎜Lucas’ favorite crapules « A Visual Sound Says:

    […] French Gangsta Hip Hop -which is even one level above JB Gillet’s amuse-bouche of choice, US Gangsta  Hip Hop. Still though, the painfully-not working translations below each tune don’t make it sound as […]

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