Double dipping | Hugo Liard

They don’t have rim sponsors, they didn’t even buy Harleys! What a bunch of unpretentious, skateboarding-for-fun-type losers… Instead, the Antiz team decided to go tour Southern Spain recently on a bunch of beat-up mopeds. You think that’ how you’re gonna win the Maloof Cup? Pathetic.

Anyway, Hugo Liard, one of France’s finest and one of the masterminds behind this deck company/co-op, is also an expert in all sort of musical Frenchnesses, not to mention his tendencies to be an unapologetic Hessian.
It’s on behalf of these two qualities that he’s allowed not one, but two playlists at once. By the way, am I just another old fart, or does skateboarding need more Antiz-style ventures? Meaning, Maloof bros-free?

(For those who didn’t know, you should download their latest vid, Z Movie, right here)

Oh, and the photo comes from the Antiz website, and it’s uncredited on there too. I need a lawyer?

The top 5 French tunes
that would sound good in a skateboard video | by Hugo Liard
1. Trust: Certitude/solitude
“It’s Trust’s best tune, complete with fast and dynamic guitar riffs. It’s all skateboarding music needs, plus the lyrics are really good.”
2. Trust: Préfabriqué
“I love the aggressive lyrics, mixed with these super-fast riffs.”

3. Warning: Rock city
“This French band kind of remained in Trust’s shadow, but they sounded heavier.”
4. Renaud: Laisse béton
“Hard to translate in English, but there’s a pun for me with the word beton, which can mean ‘concrete’, so this one would sound good for a pool session or something.”

5. Noir désir: Comme elle vient
“Super fucking putain d’énervé, with overwhelming lyrics too.”
The top 5 metal tunes of all time, that would also sound good in a skate video | by Hugo Liard again

1. Mötörhead: Go To Hell

“Still these awesome ’80s riffs, plus the prallele hell/skateboarding that gets me amped.”

2. Kreator: Phobia
“Some powerful modern metal.”

3. Manowar: Ride The Dragon
“Epic metal, kinda like speed metal, wich means that it means ‘speed’. You know?”
4. Apocaliptica: Master of Puppets remix
“Really, really powerful, I stil have goose bumps. Better than Mozart for the dead.”

5. Trust: Limewire
“Huh huh, it’s a AC/DC cover in English. Fuck yeah, finally a French band that didn’t have to blush compared to one of the universe’s biggest hard rock bands. Trust actually almost opened for AC/DC in the US in 1981, but instead they chose to go on a French tour!”

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