Interlude | An Eclipse on the Ocean

Aww, sorry for the pun in the title, sometimes I can’t help. Anyway yeah, a reader once asked me, a long while back, more info about The Eclipse, a mysterious band that perfectly fit Ocean Howell‘s and Markus Wyndham‘s parts in Risk It. Since this had been intriguing me for a minute as well, I just asked Ocean to see what he had to say.
Incidentally, and it might have been the true aim of this post, this whole thing served the purpose to link Bertrand Trichet’s website, an awesome French skate and non-skate, thanks lil’ baby Jesus, photographer who did some stuff with Ocean a few years ago in SF. So, The Eclipse, you said?

Ocean Howell:
“The Eclipse was a local band from North County San Diego. A good friend of mine was in it in high school. I don’t have the recordings anymore, but someone else asked recently so I think I’ll try to get in touch with my old buddy Jonny Eads to see if he has any copies…”

Meager, but to be continued. Ocean’s tune was called Bugs and Markus’ Love’s Last Whisper, and that’s all I know for now. I will keep the Eclipse-hungry masses in touch if anything more manifests, though.


7 Responses to “Interlude | An Eclipse on the Ocean”

  1. chops Says:

    damn… Ocean doesn’t even have the recordings anymore! impossible to find!

    thanks and keep up the good work, holmes.

    we’re so close…

  2. Eightsix Says:

    There must be more of us who have been searching for The Eclipse and have had to make do with RISK IT! Ah not that, that is a bad thing by any means. Ocean Howell is a rad skater and by the sounds of some interviews a very cool guy too. We live in hope…
    If you can get hold of said recordings will they be available to all of us? Im in New Zealand, I wonder how many Eclipse fans there are globally. Alot I think.

  3. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    Pretty much everybody who ever saw Risk It and right after tried to find reeaaallly slippery surfaces to sweep bigpins like him ha ha.
    I’ll post if anything ever manifests, that’d be cool.

  4. Norm Higgins Says:

    it is a trip-out that some things have escaped the digitization nation-
    I’d like to hear it just because the music kinda annoys me

  5. dmattt Says:

    So i take it Jonny Eads didn’t have any copies of Love’s Last Whisper? :(

  6. Darren Says:

    Man, I’ve been trying to get my hands on this music for 26 years now. Crazy.

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