Interlude | The French romance

He ain’t French, hence his name : French, straight outta Thornton Heat (London). Not only a professional artist but a full-time dreamer as well, French approaches life with the playful spunk of a baby seal and… what do you mean, that was Andy Roy’s intro in Big Brother? I’m into literary sampling, it’s an art form too. Anyway yeah, French’s artwork is awesomely evil, the man himself loves to drink tea and more importantly, as far as A Visual Sound is concerned, he doubles as a death-metal monomaniac.

What tunes from this delicate soul-oldies-inspired subgenre would sound good in a skate video? Let’s listen to what this man of widom has to say. Or grunt.
French’s disclaimer :
“OK, so I don’t know about what I’d wanna put on a video but these are the ones which I fucking love and think could work well if I was making a one. These are all proper death metal, mostly pretty modern, none of this “oh yeah I’m really into death metal, my friend once lent me an Entombed record” shit. It’s proper.”

1. Putrid Pile : My Inner Demon
From : The Pleasure In Suffering

“Putrid Pile is seriously under rated. The guitars are sickness and the vocals are total brutality, without any sort of vocal distortion.
The art on the CD is sick as well, and it’s unbelievable this is just one guy.”

2. Rompeprop : Vaginal Luftwaffe
m: “Hellcocks Pornflakes”
“These guys could only be Dutch for fuck’s sake. The cover is a fake cock cumming into a bowl of cornflakes and the vocals are just unhuman. All in all, this is one on my favourite songs/records of all time. Its insane vocals and powerful riffs are all you need in gore/grind.”

3. Inveracity : Visions of Coming Apocalypse
m: “Extermination of Millions”
“I’m actually going to see these Greek nutters tonight. They are tight, the songs are really techniqual and they hold their shit down well.
It’s this song that has the amazing pitch and tempo changes but continues to hold the brutality.”

4. Lividity : Coated With My Semen
(live bonus track)
m: “Fetish for the sick”
“I just love how out of order these dudes are and how all the songs are about fucking and murder or the two in one. But more than ever the crazy intro the lead singer gives would be rad for a skate video: ‘This ones for the ladies who love big dicks and cum in the face, coated….with…my…..SEMEN!!'”

5. Prostitute Disfigurement : Body to Ravage
m: “Left in a Grisley Fashion”
“My ex-girlfriend hated their name so much she wouldn’t let me keep the records in the house, so she’s now my ex. Anyway, this song has a rad intro and then breaks into a short or death/ thrash Malevalent Creation style riff, but still with the pig grunting vocals. The Dutch must be loving death, as these dudes are Dutch as well.”

Cute, huh? I’m in a romantic mood too right now. I mean, a romance-coated mood.

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