Bonus | The You Will Soon box set

As you might know already, the You Will Soon dudes are “a bunch of white guys obsessed with shoes and the gangster lifestyle who live with their moms and need to get a life”. Or not.
Anyway, I, the David of blogs, won’t make you the offense to introduce the Goliath of the www, cause you know and follow their adventures already if you landed here, I’m sure.

Now ready for the most impressive skate-tunes playlist ever? Straight outta The North of Everything, here’s a little explanation about the four undecipherable screens below. The newest honoris causa citizen of the Nerdistan Republic, Dan Watson compiled the ultimate, 9 hours-long playlist of tunes that were in skate videos and has this to say about it:

“I’ve been working and adding to this playlist for so long. I’ve been rocking a version of it since like 97 or 98 on cassette tape, obviously when mini discs and IPods came along it allowed me to expand the playlist. I work in a skateshop and it’s so good to listen to because the entire playlist is like 9.2 hours long, so gets you through a whole workday.
My skate nerd trick that I impress all my employees with is to quiz me at any time on any song and I can tell them what skater’s section it’s fro
m and what video it’s in.”


11 Responses to “Bonus | The You Will Soon box set”

  1. Baker Baker 1-9 Says:

    Did they host these volumes anywhere? I can’t find them on the site…

  2. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    What do you mean? On the You will soon website?

  3. Baker Baker 1-9 Says:

    Yeah on You Will Soon, I don’t see them hosted. Thanks.

  4. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    No, dan just did these screen captures and sent them to me… Thanks dan, by the way.

  5. Watson Says:

    Yeah, no hosting of the tracks. To tell you the truth I hesitated having the list even posted on the internet. I don’t want anyone biting my shit then claiming all the hard work for themselves!

  6. Baker Baker 1-9 Says:

    I understand, that’s very impressive stuff though.

  7. Mike Says:

    Waouuu , mega délire comme truc !!!

    C’est marrant , sur la liste je suis tombé sur ” Nancy Sinatra et Lee Hazlewood ” ,et il y a deux jours je me la réecoutais justement en pensant à la part de …
    Marc johnson dans la Maple ” 7 steps to Heaven ” qui était avous-ons le … une sacrée bonne video ! :)

  8. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    tiens, je vais la retrouver celle-la

  9. Trent Says:

    No Polyethylene pt. 2 from Jason Dill’s section in Photosynthesis? Too pretentious and new of a song?

  10. Watson Says:

    No Trent, not too pretentious. I love that song.

    Too new, yes.

  11. Pierre Wikberg Says:

    I´m the same way. Always thinking of what trick the skater is doing to a certain part of a “skate video song”

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