A teasa please | Dyson and Dee

Teasers suck. I mean, usually. If it’s for my retina to be bombarded by a 30-second epileptic pile of half way-cut tricks and/or just slams, I tend to end up more frustrated than, hum, teased. There are exceptions, though. If you extend the concept to (a very selected amount of past) 411 commercials and “short video parts that should do until something more consequent drops”, then you might find a few gems, skate-wise and music-wise. Hit or miss kind of deal : you only have one tune to pick, so please dig deep and don’t embarrass yourself by using Highway To Hell for the 234th time. Plus, you can choose a tune you actually love, as you’ll be able to keep it under the radar in terms of music rights clearances…

Anyway, this is a new, irregular feature on A Visual Sound, which will resurrect everytime an above-average tune pops up in of these court-métrages, the idea kinda came from this previous post.

So, has anybody noticed the brilliance of the choice on this Dyson Ramones teaser from a few weeks back? Perfect skating style aside (very important for a stale fart such as yours truly who grew up watching all the Ethans and the Barleys and the Luy-Pas out there), listen carefully.
At first, the fuzzy guitar might lead you in a wrong, hippyish/psych direction. Spit your acid and save it for later -at least wait for the Bummer High teaser- as instead, this is the intro to Why Can’t There Be Love, by soul diva Dee Edwards.It originally came out on a very much sought-after 7” on the Bum Shop (sic) label in 1972, and is easier to find around here in its German version (on Vogue, see picture), yet, if your record-shopping budget doesn’t bare the equivalent of a small country’s Gross National Product, this delicate English DJ Gilles Peterson has a present for you : he included it on this compilation.
Dee’s life was pretty interesting too : born in 1945, she passed away in 2006 in Detroit due to a heart attack after a night out, fallen soldier-style, a definitely familiar adieu in the skaters’ circles. After starting The Paragons -the US ones, not these awesome Paragons– she went solo in 1963 and You Say You Love Me, her first tune on her own, came out on the local, Alabama-based label Tuba.
After a sting of 45s for the label, she proceeded to marry arranger Floyd James and recorded a bunch of soul gems for various labels -try to find one that didn’t include the word “love”- before hitting the charts with a disco tune in 1979 (The musical equivalent to becoming a contest robot in skateboarding), then disappearing during the ’80s, focusing on her painting and family.
Dee only had time to have one full LP out, Heavy Love (on Cotillion), but Why Can’t There Be Love will always remain a Northern-Soul collector favorite. Kind of like the first Natural Koncept video: the second time around, you miss the surprise factor -even though, please, do yourself a favor and check Dysfunctional Family.

(Think a particular teaser had a good tune to it? Please do comment…)


10 Responses to “A teasa please | Dyson and Dee”

  1. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    Let me use the good ol’ “I comment my own post trick” : my all-time favorite teaser/commercial’s music still remains that one time when Chocolate used the Oopah-Loompah tune from Charlie and the Chocolate factory in an old 411 commercial. Issue 5, I think. Pure brilliance. Not much info to dig about it though… Just saying.

  2. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    ..even so, then again, this will always be the best chocolate commercial ever :

  3. sundae - the radiant child Says:

    i Love this tracK …. an old-school skater :)…. B.A.P.

  4. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    Allez Sundae, enleve le E de tes Etnies LoCut et viens, on va attaquer le hip qui rebondit de Grammont…

  5. sundae - the radiant child Says:

    “dc basehead” te rappelles-tu de ce groupe c’est dans quelle vidéo ? h-street ????

  6. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    c’etait dans la Union “Right To Skate”, je viens de retrouver en faisant des recherches, sur Alphonso rawls et je sais plus qui (morceaux Outro et 2000 BC).
    Dans celle-la, Damon Byrd il s’est eeenvolé….

  7. sundae - the radiant child Says:

    bravo !!!! ….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27AqFWu-eyk …. koston ….

  8. Ptite Claire Says:

    I thought the track Traffic used on their promo/teaser in 2006 was pretty banging!

  9. Not The New Stereo Video Says:

    ah faut que je le retrouve, ce trailer Traffic. tu as un lien ou pas du tout?

  10. Benoit Says:

    Salut Cara, Sundae (et tout le monde)…

    Il y a un autre morceau mortel de Dee Edwards

    je ne sais pas s’il a été utilisé pour une vidéo mais le 45 tours est un véritabe enfer à dénicher !!

    Bon bin – voilà – jsuis toujours à Paris et vous êtes bienvenue pour écouter des disques
    A bientôt

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