Chomp on that


No, not a real new post yet. As usual I would have to go through great lengths of imagination to link this with skateboarding, so I just won’t bother this time. Even though, wasn’t there a BMX article in Big Brother once that sported a furry-collared, denim jacketed Sal Barbier in it, plus a 360-spinning Jason Dill? That’s how I’ll try to get away with it. Oh and also, I plead the fif.

For the music part, since that’s what this blog is more or less about, hopefully that should do: Katie and I have been working with these Tinidadi kids in Queens who build huge sound-systems on their BMX bikes, and I figured out maybe that’d do while you wait, or rot, until a new actual post comes. You can check all the photos on Katie Callan‘s website, or a version set to Cutty Ranks “Sound Boy / Original Rude Boy Style” right here. Err… til next time?


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