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With all the musical nerdiness going on on this page, it was time to relax a little. You know, leave room for approximations and shit. To do so, I found out that there are few better ways on Earth than just sticking a recorder in the vicinity of Bobby Worrest. That’s what I did yesterday, asking him specifically about his relationship with music. Here’s a compilation of blue-ribboned highlights.

Shit, man
“Pfffrt… shit, man. Music? I like david Bowie, I like Wu Tang. I like that rock band called Rattler out of Washington DC. I like… errr… that band The Deftones, people hate them but fuck, I like them. Oh, and DJ Tom Lamb, he’s my ex-roommate, he plays whatever, anything, cool rap, Baltimore house. He can do anything. I like hip hop and rock. The old shit I like, the new shit I don’t know.”

Radio on the TV
“I always loved the Wu Tang, but I don’t hink it was from hearing a tune in a skate video. I mean, some of the older kids might have seen that Gino part or something, you know, but not directly for me, I was hanging out with these kids and we’re all into the same shit. There’s been  a few times where it happened, though. Like, I was getting into Bowie and then Arto skated to Bowie, so I really got on the Bowie kick after that, buying albums and all that.
The only tune I remember ever wanting after seeing a video was that crazy techno shit from the Habitat section in Photosynthesis.
It was Mr Dibbs, those beats were kinda sick. I might have bought it, or dowloaded some of it, or… oh you know what dude? I remember now, I actually bought it from CCS, I was a little kid back then, and they had it in there. I was 16.
I liked all the music in Photosynthesis, all of it. But to me, the one song that will always stand out as the skate video tune, I believe Phil Shao skated to it in Emerica’s Yellow [It was Dan Drehobl], I grew up watching this video. And Anthony van Engelen just skated to it in Mind Field.  [Adolescents: Kids of The Black Hole] I liked it back then, it was surprizing Anthony skated to it, but it was and it’s still sick, yeah.”

Top secret
“I do have a say in picking the tunes for my parts, sometimes it’s just hard to get the rights. Right now I’m trying to get them for a Transworld video part, but I can’t tell you what it is. Hopefully we’ll get it but The [insert sick old school hip hop group’s name here*], they no longer exist. It will be kinda difficult but I think we can do it.”

The canal street connection.
“At the moment, I listen to a lot of mixtape shit. I go to New york and buy a bunch of mixtapes. Some Lil’ Wayne shit, his last album sucks but his mixtapes are good. I go on Canal Street and there’s five new mixtapes from Wayne. He’s a smart dude, but there’s not like one band that I’m fucking into especially. Everyone listens to Lil’ Wayne, dude. He’s not bad, but.. I don’t know.”

Not Michael
“I went to Gonz’ house, he’s like, ‘You gotta check that on youtube.’ He doesn’t know how to type, so it takes him 5 minutes to find the right clip. So he finds it and it’s a country song, he’s like, ‘Just wait’. And I’m watching, I’m watching, the dude’s singing country, then he’s like ‘Here it is, here it is!’ I’m like ‘OK I’m ready”. And he busts out laughing. And that was it. There was nothing to wait for. I remember the dude’s name, it was Alan Jackson. But that’s Gonz you know. Meeting him was like meeting a big kid, he wasn’t threatening at all. He’s such a chill-ass dude. I love him, man.”

(* : Guess who it is in the Comments and win a Ron Allen Music CD. Yup, it’s A Visual Sound’s first trivia game)

12 Responses to “Re: music | Bobby Worrest”

  1. Ryan Says:

    ultramagentic mc’s

  2. Ryan Says:

    the fat boys?

  3. tiredeyes Says:

    tribe called quest

  4. Pete Says:


  5. neal Says:


  6. Baard Says:

    geto boys

  7. Sadi Says:

    lords of the underground

  8. nico Says:


  9. fed Says:


  10. sebcarayol Says:

    We’ve had a winner for a minute, but I wanted to wait to see what was coming up. Thanks for playing, though. Winner, your CDs are on their way (I added a Cardiel Epicly Laterd to the thing).

  11. Descotis Says:


  12. sebcarayol Says:

    Bien tente Descotis, mais c’est pas ca (Et aussi c’est trop tard, comme indique sur le post au-dessus : il y a deja un gagnant)

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