Interlude | Alyasha Moore is stomping


He put Marcus Garvey, MLK and the Black Panthers’ Dexter Woods on his company’s board graphics. He cut the first Shut boards on his mom’s Brooklyn home’s roof. He started some of the most hip hop-minded companies to come out of the ’90s. From his skateboard resume, you thought you had a pretty good outline of what Alyasha Moore is about. Well, really smart people are rarely unidimensional. And under the Shut/American Dream/Alphanumeric varnish, it was probably not that obvious to discern that Alyasha is super-deep into…
And jump-blues.
And garage punk.
“People are like, oh you’re trying to reinvent yourself,” he says, “but I can show them my high school photos, rocking the pompadour.”
If further proof was ever needed, the artist, the DJ, the art director of Bop N Stomp records took some time off reviving Alphanumeric and came up for A Visual Sound with one of the most interesting playlists ever. What tune would match what skater? Stack-Aly has an idea or two…

dongardner11. Don Gardner:
My Baby Likes to BooGaloo

“For a Sal Barbier part. BIG sound, foot stompin’, screamin’, soulful, southern,  rock and roll.
Sal Has been one of my favorite skaters since I was a kid and has become a good friend over the years.
I’d describe his skating style almost exactly as I described this song.”

(Find out more about a true legend over here)

horrors-strangehouse2. The Horrors:
Count in Fives

“For a David Gravette part. This song RIPS! The Intro would completely throw people off as it sounds almost like some sort of Gary Glitter Organ song. Then it rips into high speed dark, almost goth garage. Organs blazing and fuzz all the way through.
The Split by The Lords Of Altamont , Raped and Pillaged by Early Man, or Down But Not Out by the Cro-Mags would all be rad to watch Gravette skate to. That kid is fucking amazing.”
(Pretty sick clip right here)

the-mummies3. The Mummies:
Uncontrollable Urge (Originally by Devo)

“For a Riky Barnes part. because it’s weird, every time I hear the song It reminds me of Riky’s Lucero Board with the guy wearing the Energy dome. The Mummies high speed feedback laden cover just seems perfectly fitting.” I’ve been a A DEVO fan since I was 12.”
(See the bandages-clad live version here)

irk-hispano4. Irk Hispano and His Headshrinkers:

“For a Jason Adams part. The sirens at the beginning … Fast … Classic Style … The Kid.”
(See Irk in action right here)

b0001n6ma801_sclzzzzzzz_5. The Yardbirds:
Stroll On

“For a Tom Remillard part. Rad feedback in the beginning. Crunching fast song. Reminds me of how Tom Skates. Beck and Page go to work on this one … The locomotive bass and distorted guitar. At 17, Tom is an old soul. Respectful and kills it. Glad to know him.”
(The Prisoner-style extract fron the Blow Up movie right here. Yes they break guitars in it)

flirtations16. The Flirtations:
Nothing But a Heartache

“For a Jahmal Williams part. Super big sound. Epic opening Buildup. Perfect changes and parts for slow motion scenes. Seems like the perfect soundtrack to Jahmal flying though Boston and NY. Any city for that matter. Soulful style.”
(A Northern Soul classic to check over there)


4 Responses to “Interlude | Alyasha Moore is stomping”

  1. Carlos A. Says:

  2. keith Says:

    Here’s a weird story. I went to Hong Kong in 1999 and a friend of mine took my wife and I partying. Turns out one of his crew was Alyasha Moore. Alpha Numeric was in full swing at that time. Super nice guy. What’s even weirder was he had a girlfriend in Vancouver, who was the manager at this shop called Warp, and my wife’s roommate at the time was working there. Small world.

  3. anibal Says:

    dude. don gardner. flirtations. heavy.

    there’s definitely some great tune riding the stax ‘southern soul’ sound and that stomping ‘northern’ sound that would work great. i think most straight northern would turn younger kids off tho. i mean songs about love and strong vocal performances… i can’t see a kid getting geeked up watching his fave dude throw down hammers to ‘sally go round the roses’ or something in that vein.

  4. Stack-Aly Says:

    anibal… Watch any skate vids since posted your comment?
    Bet your tune has changed since then.
    I for damn sure know the music for “Throwing down hammers” has. Times change bruh. Times change.

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