Interlude ⎪ Howling at the moon


Two posts in one day? Fret not, old friend : it’s only for the sake of shameless self-promotion. So. The first leg of that bigger-than-I-thought project is now just completed: after the whole year it took me to find all the people involved, the article I wrote in Wax Poetics Magazine‘s new issue about the mysterious jazz album Ululation (used on a certain video whose name was borrowed by this very blog)  just came out in newsstands and the usual record shops, or can be ordered online -I’m just talking about the mag right now.

It will be followed by the reissue of the two Ululation albums on a double-LP (Ululation 2 actually never came out, its only trace is on the audio tape below) on Wax Poetics records in a few months, I will keep you posted…



5 Responses to “Interlude ⎪ Howling at the moon”

  1. armand Says:

    i search it for so long…

  2. kwality Says:

    Bigups man – Wax Po is one of the best mags ever! So nice to see that skate vid music meant so much to other people.

  3. Junior Says:

    Is this record still going to be released?

    • sebcarayol Says:

      That’s the big question. Everything’s ready, the masters and all for the double LP… But the label can’t put out any more records out for a minute, and they’re focusing on their mag for the moment. I will definitiley let it know when it happens, though.

  4. Interlude⎢Loose trucks and bastard grooves « A Visual Sound Says:

    […] one of the few tunes from Stereo’s A Visual Sound (1994) that didn’t come out of the Ululation album –reissue coming out in 2011, Wax Poetics records promised !– was that hard-hitting […]

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