It’s partly the pants, I think (*)


Freshly graduated from the Gareth Sehr school of pantalonic excellence, Paulo Diaz either spent a lot of time on this chef d’oeuvre of pantalones, or skated really hard and try to slam on many distinct areas -a true artist’s performance in both cases.

Just to say that Mike, French cartoonist extraordinaire, is also nostlagic of a certain era in skateboarding. He kept his old mags too, and scans every now and then some gems on this other blog. And when I say gems I mean it: for a while when it was around (1989-1992) that French mag Noway ran interviews with obscure US ams, soon to be stars, and the cover above is just an amuse-bouche before the beautiful, full 1990 Paulo Diaz interview (which he’ll post soon), complete with huge Powell Peralta stickers and fside 180 stalfishes over handrails if my memory serves correctly. Can’t wait for that, and don’t forget : backside 180 stale-fishes on flat are the old “anything from a dude in Mind Field” as far as picking a cover shot goes.

(Skateboarding & music link : remember the million instruments paulo was playing in the opening of his Big Brother interview? See.)

(*) : Waiting for the Boil The Ocean cease-and-desist for this title.


3 Responses to “It’s partly the pants, I think (*)”

  1. Mike Says:

    Merci pourt l’article Seb !
    Me voilà devenu une star maintenant :) Thanx !

    Et effectivement ta mémoire ne t’as pas trahi , les stickers Powell sont huge , il y a du fakie ollie stale fish par dessus des marches et LE tricks qui calme , un ” ollie to catch one foot ” ( et c’est la … roue qu’il catche ) .

    Je prépare le post et je mettrai aussi une ou deux photos de Big Brother de 1994 avec son interview car c’est marrant mais en fait les photos de la session handrail du NoWay de 1990 et de ce Big Brother de 1994 ont l’air d’être prises sur le même rail et c’est vraiment intéressant de voir l’évolution du matériel et des fringues .

    Et puis tiens … si tu avais à choisir entre le pantalon slim décousu de 1990 et un New Deal XXXL pants rose de 1992 , tu te laisserai tenter par lequel ? :D

    Je te laisse réflechir à cette ( douloureuse ) question métaphysique ;)

    Le post de Paulo Diaz ce sera dans la semaine !

    Stay tuned :)

  2. Mike Says:

    Paulo Diaz NoWay interview May 1990 is on line on the blog :)

  3. jake rosenberg Says:

    I love it!
    Do you have any of the other old issues.

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