Bastien and the tune that never was

BASTIEN… And most likely never forgotten. Photo courtoisie of Fred Mortagne

Sometimes the real world phones and you have to take the call, but, I mean, a month already since the last post? Et merde… Anyway, thanks for the wait, let’s go back to some Frenchness if you will. I read a while ago a post, possibly on Slap, where somebody was wondering about Bastien Salabanzi’s Mr Dibbs -Y2K’s skate flick’s editor’s best friend- tunes in his Sorry part. Or was it about the elusive Triple Deckers group that had stuff in Sorry and the Cliché vids? Right when Bastien chose the Wallenberg contest for his come-back (Just kidding, kids, I have no idea), here’s some sort of answer for either/or concern.

You think editing a video is easy? Cut some lines and tricks, slap a tune on it, next? Sometimes it’s a bit more complicated. Here’s for instance how it went down in this specific case, with the Triple Deckers’ mastermind Nicolas Malinowsky

“It all happened during the last stop of the Vans tour in that black bus -same one used by Celine Dion and [French OG hip hop duet] NTM. So we were in Lyon and against all logic, me and [photog] Leo [Vernhet] decided to go to a house party that Olivier Chassignole had told us about.

It was at some girl’s place, and in attendance were Geoff Rowley, Ali Boulala, Bastien, plus a good chunk of the Lyon scene, Fred Mortagne included. That was the first time we actually got to talk, he told me how he was doing the Flip video, and that he liked the music I had done for the Cliché Spanish tour in a 411. He was really thinking about coming back to Lyon, he was totally over the US, and asked me if I wanted to do a track for the Bastien part. At the time I had this project called Triple Deckers with my friend Charly, we would do music strictly for skate videos.  

I thought it wasn’t such a bad thing that we went to this party, after all…

So I did the track real quick cause I was going to Boulder, Colorado for six months the following week. Fred liked it, Bastien liked it so-so, and Geoff hated it. Or maybe Bastien hated it and Geoff liked it so-so, can’t remember exactely. So I went to Boulder, came back and did another track that was more powerful maybe, but it didn’t work either…

Honestly the whole thing is  a bit blurry. I think I was a bit torn between different styles, cause Bastien wanted hip-hop a la Dr Dre, Rowley wanted rock, and Fred wanted something in the vein I was exploring then : a mix of Mr Dibbs / Mr Oizo / MF Doom / Company Flow -but less good, and my way.

For the second track, I tried to integrate all these requests, and it must have sucked pretty bad -I can’t find it anymore. When you’re young you try to stick to the memo pretty much, even if it’s stupid, instead of just trying to do something good, period. Plus I put on myself all that extra stress, like “shit, it’s the Flip video, I can’t mess up”. Maybe doing good music, when commissioned like that, doesn’t work? Not for me anyway. I think you’ll catch something out of coincidence, or from a certain ambiance…

In the end, Fred told me that Dibbs sent something, I thought that was cool for Bastien and I went on with my life.”


* Note: To this day, Fred Mortagne still feels bad about the whole thing, and the two are still friends and collaborate every now and then. No controversy here, (extremely) sorry.


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