Interlude⎜Jeremy Wray’s white room


He shot with Daniel Harold Sturt and got the only Dr Seuss graphic board that never got a cease-and-desist but a thank-you letter from the doc’s wife instead… In the Droorstalgic circles, Jeremy Wray will also remain for ever as the closing part in Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke video, with such a nice tune to it that it politely waited for his monster Carlsbad gap f-side kickflip before it started.
While I can’t find a link to the part in question that actually has the song on it –not like it matters since you watched it a million times in 1994– why this song and how did it go down, you may ask? Here are a few first-hand precisions from the man himself.

“I was working with Jake Rosenberg and we were going through a music list I had, trying to pick what we wanted to use. I brought in a few different options, I think I even had them on cassette tape at the time. Besides White Room, there was another Cream song we were  considering, Sunshine Of Your Love, which Adam Alfaro ended up using in one of his parts, and I had other ones, I probably have them written down somewhere.  I had Sly and the Family Stone’s Everyday People, and then Jimi Hendrix, Voodoo Child or something like that.

It was me, Jake, my friend Paul Luna, Dave Schlossbach was helping too, and we’re all listening to all of them trying to figure out what would work. But the way White Room was, and the way you can edit tricks to it, that ended up being the best choice. And we were gonna run out all the way to the end of the song, and we had more footage to use, but when we put everything in and got to the frontside flip at Carlsbad, it matched up with the very end of a part of the song. After that, there’s an instrumental part for a long time but we cut it right there, cause it was perfect.

It’s funny cause back then we used to be able to go in there and help editing the video exactely how we wanted, and work with the people on it. These days it seems like there’s a guy in charge of the project, and he got his own idea of what he wants, and they treat it as their baby, they don’t let you have much say at all even though it’s your footage and your part. It’s like it’s their part. Plus now you don’t get to choose the music cause they gotta get rights for the music, and you end up with something you would never want to skate to. I guess at the time skateboarding was smaller and most companies were skater-owned and they didn’t worry about getting sued. ‘Cause there was not much they could get sued for.”

(*) Please do yourself a flavor and check Spanky Wilson’s funky cut of the tune as well.


4 Responses to “Interlude⎜Jeremy Wray’s white room”

  1. jake rosenberg Says:

    I don’t remember Schlossbach being there during the edit, but this was 15 years ago. But I remember Paul & Jeremy and Sunshine was pretty catchy. It was funny because Pat Channita didn’t listen to music at all, so I could pick the song or present him with options, whereas obviously Jeremy brought in his own, some of which Mike T had in his library.
    The serendipity of that song and the skating will always be a lasting memory and it was like, once we dropped the song in, everything clicked. Cutting the landing of the tricks to the downbeat and having the skate noises fill the blanks… we would put in a shot, like the line at Carlsbad High after the first 180 flip and the flip trick in the middle of the line would perfectly hit the downbeat… it was obviously meant to be.

  2. J Wray Says:

    jake is right. Schlossbach wasn’t there. He was heavily involved in the filming but wasn’t in the editing room the day we chose White Room as the song. Jake definitely helped with the song choice because at first I was leaning towards other songs because Richard Mulder had used the end part of White Room in his Foundation part. The instrumental part that we ended up leaving off. Thanks for all your help Jake!

  3. zut alors! Says:

    Sweet geebus.. That part was nothing but epic! I got tuned into so many good bands at a very young age cause of the soundtrack on SHS. Big ups to Rosenberg, JWray and all the plan B dudes for putting together such a rad video. Great post Seb..

  4. Kyle Tallon Says:

    Wow I can’t believe I stumbled onto this post!

    Second Hand Smoke was the first skate video I ever saw, and it blew my mind. The lineup was crazy and soooo varied. Jeremy’s part always stuck out in my mind when I thought about video parts. The intro was as epic as they come – and not in some over-stylized, 1000 fps slo mo, after effects drenched post project – just raw skating and raw music. Which pretty much summed up the whole video. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

    I really would like to thank everyone involved. Amazing skating and an incredible video.

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