Sundays with Sundae


Sundae has done many things after skateboarding, such as art and spinning records for prestigious labels and crowds. But as they say, you can take the man out of 1993 but you can’t take 1993 out of the man. This is where his skateboarding clock stopped, as his playlist du dimanche will attest.

Ah, 1993 in Montpellier, France… I was doing that fanzine Barbe A Poux (“flea-infested beard”), Sundae offered a hand on it -I promptly slaughtered all of his work by either cutting his articles in half or pasting old ayatollah heads on his awesome graffitti art. I have an excuse though: we all thought that making LSD at home was a normal thing, since there were articles in Big Brother about it. Evoking these souvenirs I could probably cry for hours, like an emotional Greg “Pignolo” on his first drinking binge after he saw Chico’s part in Finally (true story) but for now let’s see what Laurent Richard thinks are the best ever tunes used in skate flicks.

1. John Coltrane : Traneing In > Mark Gonzales –  Video Days (Blind)

2. A Tribe Called Quest : Oh My God (Know Naim Remix) > Jeron Wilson – Goldfish (Girl)

3. Dinosaur Jr : Just Like Heaven > Rudy Johnson – Video Days (Blind)

4. Group Home : So Called Friends > Tony Ferguson – Goldfish (Girl)

5. Steve Miller Band : Serenade > Colin McKay – Virtual Reality (Plan B)

6. David Bowie : Ziggy Stardust > Intro – Finally (FTC)

7. Diana Ross : Love Child > Daewon Song – Love Child (World Industries)

8. Mary J Blige : Sweet Thing > Jeron Wilson – Finally (FTC)

9. Black Sheep : Black With N.V. (No Vision) > Shamil Randall – New World Order (World Industries)

10. The Cowsills : Hair > Spencer Fujimoto – Love Child (World Industries)


6 Responses to “Sundays with Sundae”

  1. sundae Says:

    à quand un post sur pignolo ? 93 til infinity :)

    snd !

  2. sebcarayol Says:

    Top 5 des autres gens sur qui faire un post :

    1. Thomas le grand
    2. Fred Moussa
    3. L’Ogre du skatepark
    4. Hair Feeling
    5. Le Graaaas

  3. sundae Says:

    et juvamine ? on oublie ? :( sinon l’ogre est devenu selecteur de reggae et hair feeling est videur dans une boîte de nuit, la villa rouge, je crois ….

  4. ber Says:

    hum et un post sur giver le chien chasseur de gitans?

  5. sebcarayol Says:

    Episode mythique de la vie du skatepark. J’ai retrouvé une photo où on voit Michel juste après que son père soit allé le récupérer au camp en bas…

    Mais t’es qui toi au fait? Fred M?

  6. Fred M Says:

    Non Fred M regarde et ne répond pas !

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