Beat it (I’m late)


In my usual “just a week too late” fashion -wait ’til the next post and you’ll see- I had to pay my Michael Jackson hommage too. The only thing is, by now everything was said and this photo of him skating a banana board has been all over the interweb.

So, being the partial advocate I am, I decided to pass along a bunch of his tunes that reggae has covered  over the years, compiled by Roots&Discipline over at the Blood And Fire forum. Get the mix right here, or there once the link passes away.

If you thought there only was Shinehead’s interpretation of Billie Jean, think twice, cause the opening I Want You Back version by Esso Trinidad Steel Band pretty much sums it all -Esso being the name of the gas company by the way, who used to sponsor the group at first! Nice digging work.


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