A Teasa Please ⎜Hopps-essed with funk oldies

Remember that Hopps commercial that came out internet-ages ago? I mean, like a month ago? Besides still-awesome skating by mastermind Jahmal Williams and by comeback kid Jerry Fowler, it also featured quite a banging tune -a perfect pretext to resurrect our ‘Teasa Please’ irregular feature, which for some reason always seems to tend towards a disturbing obsession for soul oldies/funk divas these days.

wanda_Took me a minute pestering Jahmal but in the end it worked out: the commercial in question was set to Midwest funkette Wanda Davis’ only known tune, Save Me, an Aretha Franklin cover available on a few CDs, the most remarkable being a pretty cool compilation straight outta the Tornado Alley, Midwest Funk (From the excellent UK-based Jazzman label).

You can also endanger your retirement savings by trying to put your hands on the original 45, or be the true, full-on, skateboard dude, by trying to get a copy of one of Jack Sabback’s mix CDs -which is where Jahmal got it from. Lemme call Jack and get back to you.


One Response to “A Teasa Please ⎜Hopps-essed with funk oldies”

  1. manu Says:

    I have always liked Jerry Fowler. Nice to watch some new footages.

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