The Battle in stereo

You might know the co-captains, but the lieutnant isn’t bad either… A strict behind-the-scenes kind of dude –think Karl Rove, but in a good way– Bryan Lint has been working at Stereo for two years, and did you notice? The funkyzeit it’s been? All the good music in all these trailers? Well, dude’s been collecting records for a good 16 years so it had to show at some point.
“Back in the day I used to hunt so many skate tunes down”, he remembers on a side note. “Some ones that had some real impact on me were
Survival of the Fittest by Mobb Deep from Tom Penny’s part in 411#2, Blue Train by John Coltrane from the Subzero video, 007 Shanty Town by Desmond Dekker from Keenan Milton’s part in Las Nueve Vidas De Paco and I Wish by Stevie Wonder from Jovontae Turner’s part in Love Child.”
This said, and in one more desperate attempt to shift million clicks from more notorious websites this way, I asked Bryan to talk about the tunes you hear on the Stereo commercials at the begining of each Battle at The Berrics -and a lot of times it happens to be the most exciting moment in them (*). Here’s his little spiel…

michelsEl Michels Affair: Enter the 37th Chamber
Tune used: Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Danny Supa)

“We had recently got turned on to this album by the art guy at Stereo, Jeff, and once we heard this instrumental album of Wu-Tang Covers, we knew immediately that this was going to be used for Danny’s commercial.

This hopefully familiar Old Dirty Bastard track is covered by the band, El Michels Affair, that actually backs Wu-Tang live when they perform. The whole album is a banging collection of classic Wu instrumentals performed by a live band, so make sure to cop that disc.”

bob_dylan_dylanBob Dylan: Dylan
Tune used: Lily of the West (Clint Peterson)

“This Bob Dylan song was Clint’s choice and I think it represents him for sure. It definitely has a down home feel just like Clint’s rad wood burn artwork and like Stillwater, Minnesota, the town where he is from.

We were actually going to go with another song at first but Clint called last minute and told us he wanted to use this track which worked out really well.”

Seeds_-_STThe Seeds: Self-Titled
Tune used: Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (Benny Fairfax)

“You can’t go wrong when it comes to mixing classic garage rock and skating and Benny’s style of skating is timeless for sure. You could place him in the early 90’s and he would fit with his super clean style and pop which is why I feel he totally embodies that “Stereo” style of skateboarding.

This Seeds track is one of their best and was actually brought to us by Ben Gore since he had the whole psych rock box set, “Nuggets” on his laptop.”

lakabala_600La Kabala: Self-Titled
Tune used: Azucar Quemada (Ben Gore

“Ben had just went back up to San Francisco as we were working on his commercial and I had hooked him up with a bunch of jazz and Southern soul albums from the 60’s before he left.  Our filmer/editor, Matt, asked Ben if he had any preference for what song to use and Ben told him to just ask me because he knew I had some rare funky jams up my sleeve.

I chose this track because it had a funky psychedelic feel to it and because I thought the group was from Florida like Ben since they have a song called “Miami Beach”, (they are actually from Peru). Big ups to Orb, (dude that played the “Maps to the skater’s homes guy” in Animal Chin), who hooked me up with this track.

R-1862645-1248550800Taj Mahal: Self-Titled
Tune Used: Leaving Trunk (John Lu

“One thing you gotta know about Johnny Lups is that he gets down on the skateboard and he definitely keeps it dirty! Known to rock the same outfit for weeks at a time, we had to go with a track that represented that down and dirty personality that John fully lives at all times.

If it was up to him, he probably would have picked a Lil Wayne song, (John once told me that he downloaded 500 Lil Wayne songs in one day!) but this raw blues jam definitely did the trick.”

img_3_prBeck (Boards of Canada Remix): Guerolito
Tune used: Broken Drum (Josiah Gatlyn)

“Josiah is such a rad addition to Stereo and is undeniably amazing on a skateboard. He is such a motivated person with an abundance of natural talent so I can’t wait to see what he will bring to the upcoming new Stereo video.

He picked this Beck remix himself and had actually edited a version of his commercial on his own while he was hanging at the Stereo office but we had to cut it down due to time restraints. The intersection where he does the trick  in this commercial is in Downtown Los Angeles and there is always cars zooming by so that makes the trick even gnarlier.”

(*) Mandatory old fart slash “Back To The City contests in that empty fountain were better” rant.


4 Responses to “The Battle in stereo”

  1. Steven Says:

    hey there is a new one up for tony karr,ive been trying to figure out the song,and no luck,PLEASE HELP ME!!

    just go to battle of the berrics 2

  2. sebcarayol Says:

    hey Steven, it’s replied to in the new post above…

  3. You, the people « A Visual Sound Says:

    […] I don’t” is back! This time it took the form of a request from Steven, following the Battle in Stereo post. Goes like […]

  4. Brian Says:

    This is just amazing.
    I tried several times to figure out another of the Stereo ad’s songs.
    This time it seems I’ve at least gotten a bit closer.
    I tried e-mailing the guys at Stereo about this (also about how to get their products here in Denmark), but I guess they’re too busy.

    So, any chance you could figure out what song is used in the Gore/Ramones/Supa ad that was used for the “Best of the Battle at The Berrics 2” video? (This one: )

    *crosses fingers & closes eyes*

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