You, the people

Back by popular demand (actually one question), our feature called “Ask a question and we’ll get somebody that actually knows the answer to reply, ’cause I don’t” is back! This time it took the form of a request from Steven, following the Battle in Stereo post. Goes like this:

Steven: “Hey there is a new one up for Tony Karr, I’ve been trying to figure out the song,and no luck, PLEASE HELP ME!!”

The use of upper case followed by two exclamation points required a drastic response. Here it is, from Bryan Lint at Stereo, in person:

Bryan: “The song is called The Traitor and it is by Menahan Street Band on the album ‘Make the Road by Walking.’ It is the same band that Jay-Z used for the song Roc Boys (and the winner is…) when he sampled their song Make the Road by Walking.They are a really sick live band from New York in the vein of Breakestra, the Dap-Kings and El Michels Affair.”

Et voilà!


One Response to “You, the people”

  1. Steven Says:

    thank you veryyyy much :))))

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