A list supreme


If you kick it long enough, this blog might still be alive -barely, I know. Time flies, huh? Anyway, here’s a little treat for all you death metal heads out there.

As you know from visiting his studio with Slap, Ian Johnson is a lot into jazz, he also artistically directs Western Edition, has pretty bad-ass books out and we happen to be occasional contributors for Wax Poetics magazine – Ululation reissue coming soon, I swear. Here are few lists I forced him to work on…

Top 5 jazz albums for beginners

1. Jazz At Massey Hall
2. Kind Of Blue
3. The Greatest of the Hot Fives & Sevens
4. Mingus Ah Um
5. A Love Supreme

Top 5 jazz albums, ever

I couldn’t really say what the top albums of all time are, the five on the
previous list is probably closer to that,
but 5 of my favorites are…

1. Money Jungle
2. Live At The Circle Room
3. Everybody Digs Bill Evans
4. Nina Simone At Town Hall
5. Sleeping Beauty

Top 5 jazz tunes that would fit a skate flick, and for what skater

1. Song For My Father by Horace Silver for Chico Brenes in a Love Child /Finally hybrid
2. That’s How I Feel by Sun Ra for Drake Jones in Non Fiction
3. Poinciana by Ahmad Jamal for Gino Iannucci in Chocolate Tour
4. The Creator Has A Master Plan by Pharoah Sanders for Matt Field in then Cosmic Experience
5. Dear Old Stockholm by Miles Davis for Bobby Puleo in Static 2

Top 5 jazz artists to draw a portrait of

1. Eric Dolphy
2. Ornette Coleman
3. Art Blakey
4. Sun Ra
5. Don Cherry

Top 5 weirdest jazz tunes’ titles

1. Psychicemotus
2. Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues Are
3. All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother
4. Dunkin’ Bagel
5. Tapestry from an Asteroid

(If you consider Anthony Braxton to be jazz in that case probably all 5
would be his, like N-M488-44M-Z or those equation ones)

Top 5 “jazziest” skaters, ever

1. Mark Gonzales
2. Jason Lee
3. Bobby Puleo
4. Mike Carroll
5. Jovontae Turner




8 Responses to “A list supreme”

  1. attatt Says:

    What about Ray Barbee? His style was all Horace Silver.
    Tony Trujillo’s style is actually very Thelonious Monk
    Lance Mountain = Dave Brubeck?

  2. B Lint Says:

    Ian Johnson is fucking amazing so this is one of my fave visual sounds. He knows what’s up jazzwise and skateboardingwise which is rare these days because he really digs deep. Money Jungle is amazing too.

  3. reid Says:

    jovontae….jazziest, i’m hyped, check the jovontaes…not jazz bu jazzed myspace.com/thejovonates

  4. A List Supreme on A Visual Sound « Western Edition Says:

    […] Western Edition art director Ian Johnson last month which we spaced on linking for a minute but HERE.  One of the rad things about skateboarding is that the videos open us up to different music and […]

  5. me Says:

    nina… yeah. nice to see…

  6. elbowsandfists Says:

    That last list is missing Chris Pastras.

  7. jazzgeek Says:

    c.’93-’94 ethan fowler deserves no. 1 on that list dammit

  8. Gustavo | SkateIsLife Says:

    A great musician is Miles Davis. Hear to him. It’s really good.

    Regards from Argentina,


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