Interlude⎜Satva Leung’s greatest picks

As time has passed, mid-’90s Toy Machinist Satva Leung has found, as you already knew, a few different outlets for his creativity than just nollie backslide flipping through grannies’ ankles at Union Square.  He is/was a DJ, the mastermind of the Streets videos series and has been doing a million other things since, thank you very much.

First and foremost, he’s now the senior video producer at MediaMobz. Also, he just produced, shot, and edited the Students Saving The Ocean documentary film, produces video content on DJS, events, and some skate stuff for Vimby -type his name in the search engine and it shall be revealed. Amongst all this, he still lives life with his wife Karine and tears Golden Gate Park apart on the weekends on his skateboard.

So how did such a busy dude find time to put together the list of his five tunes in a skateboard video for A Visual Sound? No idea. But hey, I’m not complaining.


Sir Lady Java: My Mom Said
As used on Ron Allen’s part in A Soldier’s Story (Life, 1990)
“The Life video, a timeless classic. I really liked the way this song came on in the video, it is kinda of a slow song but it was real powerful and surreal song. Props to Ron Allen!”

Broun Fellinis (**)
as used in Ride On (Real, 1995)
“I had just moved to SF about a year before this video came out and it was all about slashing up the avenues as we lived in the Sunset. The way the video starts with the Huf blazing down the avenues with the Brown Fellinis horn solos matching every ollie, it definitely captured the SF just roll out your door and hit the avenues.”
See it here

Casual : Lose in the End
As used on Mike Carroll’s part in Virtual Reality (Plan B, 1993)
“I used skate while listening to this song in my walkman all the time at EMB in hopes of some day being able to be as good as MC. Great song though and I still play this song when I DJ out at spots if there are some backpackers in the crowd.”
See it here

Michael Jackson : I Want You Back
As used on Guy mariano’s part in Video Days (Blind, 1991)
“I am sure there are tons of skaters that have picked this song but it is the truth, it was one of the most influential parts of all time and the song fit the part perfectly.”
See it here (*)

De La Soul : Eye Know
As used on Daewon Song’s part in  New World Order (World Industries, 1993)
“Daewon Song part was amazing in this video and usually is in all his video parts. The way it starts out with him killing Burl Banks and how the song starts, magical. I remember watching this video and we thought it was sped up as Daewon skates so fast.”
See it here (*)

(*) : … And I mean just “see” . No more soundtrack. Thanks WMG ! Really making the world a more musical place.

(**) Game show alert ! Whoever guesses first the title of the Broun Fellini song wins a Ron Allen CD -the one that features the Sir Lady Java tune right above ! How convenient. Now to the “Comments” section…


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3 Responses to “Interlude⎜Satva Leung’s greatest picks”

  1. B-rad Says:

    Sleight Of Hand from the “Real Moments” slab.

  2. sebcarayol Says:

    Well, well, well, looks like we have a winner! Always loved how that album’s name fit the video that tune was in, Real Moments. Anyway, a lil package is on your way.

  3. El Blint Says:

    Satva’s song in Welcome To Hell was sick too. Who was that? Ramsey Lewis; Ray Bryant?

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