Re:music⎜The question

After the post below was up, the reader known as “El Blint” asked:

“Satva’s song in Welcome To Hell was sick too. Who was that? Ramsey Lewis; Ray Bryant?”

– Pretty close, but no. It was a tune called Superstar by the Overton Berry Ensemble, the band put together by the legendary Pacific Northwest pianist. It came out in 1995 on a jazz compilation called Feelin’ Good, on the (I’d guess) SF-based label Luv’N’Haight. Which misled numerous skate-nerds looking for that track, as the credits at the end of Welcome to Hell stated that the band was called “Feelin’ Good.”

– From Satva: “Being a DJ I have always been a big fan of Jazz samples that Hip Hop groups have sampled. At the time when we were putting together the final touches on the Welcome to Hell video I had heard a lot of the other music that Jamie was going to use for the video and I wanted to use something a little different and that reflected my steez.

The song I picked by The Overton Berry Ensemble was sampled by the Coup “Funk” which I was thinking about using but I instead used the OG break. It’s funny because over the years people always ask me about this track.

It’s fun searching old record stores for these original breaks and when people are trying to figure out that song I used. It kinda makes people get in that state of mind like a record collector searching for that ultimate break which was not my intention but it seems like it turned out that way.”


2 Responses to “Re:music⎜The question”

  1. ciaran Says:

    The Viajeros Locos mix CD which Listen skateboards released in the wake of their 2007 DVD had that tune on it, which was a welcome surprise when I first got the CD.

  2. El Blint Says:

    Thanks for the reply Seb and Satva! Luv n Haight makes sense for sure since Satva is up in the Bay. Thanks for turning us on to good stuff!

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