Interlude⎜Lucas’ favorite crapules

Lucas setting up a board that wasn’t bicrave at the Puces de Cli-Cli, strangely, but sold at Official skateshop, Toulouse. Photo by Nikwen.

As it has reached common knowledge status by now, Lucas Puig has been known for being quite your neighborhood sommelier when it comes to the finest and most refined of all music genres ever created, I’m talking of course about French Gangsta Hip Hop -which is even one level above JB Gillet’s amuse-bouche of choice, US Gangsta  Hip Hop.
Still though, the painfully non-working translations below each tune don’t make it sound as bad and gimmicky as some of France’s contemporary ambassadors can be when they really want (look up “Morsay” and cringe), and even if it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense sometimes, just remember: it’s not  all 40s of Bordeaux, drive-baguette shootings and free health care over here, folks. Or just a little. Well anyway, without further ado, here are France’s favorite crapules as far as Lucas is concerned…


Six Coups MC : Six Coups MC
From the Un Pied Dans la Lumière album

“My life is a mountain of joy and problems / African suburber, on the fringes of the system / In Paris and in the countryside, we live with the same hatred / Your past follows you while your future shakes you off / Sometimes in your cell you wonder if you’re loved / Two ghosts in the visiting room spit out a third one / It’s the one who won’t come cause he’s too lazy today / Anyway, keeping fresh is my motto, it’s the last means I found to  drown the FM.”

— It’s not stuttering, it’s style, fool! Check it here, here.

Flynt ft Nasme : Rap Théorie
From the Appelle-Moi MC compilation

“To the hyenas go the leftovers / They hang around even after everything’s been buried / Haunted and stubborn, feeling like blowing everything up / As nobody will come to the rescue, we went indie all the way / You can watch it from above, rap will never be at your feet / I spend as much time worrying than marketing / I don’t have time to play, only time to make up for.”

— Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to bash anybody who has a Jacob Miller sample in their intro. Check it here.

Mister You : Lettre A Un Traître
From the La Rue C’est Paro album

“How miserable I felt when Casper was visiting me in jail /  telling me, You, it’s all just bastards outside / My advice is,  write your accounting tabs in your head only / Don’t speak with morons too much, it might actually school them / Intrumentals rotten when you rap with shit / I dont’ insult your mom and respect her, but you can go fuck yourself.”

— Don’t rat on this dude, or he’ll put your name and address in his songs. All this, a very thin hooded sweatshirt and more wax poetry all visible over here.

Seth Gueko : Le Son Des Capuches
From the La Chevalière album

We all got nicknames, the copilot is “De Nir”o / If you kick around, we’ll string you up like a roast / And giggling will only get you a kick in the genitals / We all have hoods on our heads / We’re hauling ass / And pellets shower your cockpit / Tonight we’ll be partying on the Brink’s expense / Buddy take out the gun, for the armored truck driver to break up his thong / Even my mask is fresh from the dry cleaning / Dont’ loiter in front of the bank with your hazards on.”

— A beautiful Robin Hood tale, where Robin actually gets to keep all the money, right here.

Rohff : Testament
From the Le Code De L’Horreur album

“I think about death all the time / It’s the last testament, purposedly written as such / Did it as if I had died recently / I don’t rap hardcore to fascinate the bourgeois as the other Debbie downers do / Don’t attract attention on me in front of people / Curb your enthusiasm / I’m too sincere to act like  a star / Even though I’m the shiniest one in the constellation /   You can keep your Awards and revelations / I don’t need your fellatios to keep erect”.

— Kinda looking and sounding like Deux-Pack, innit? Check it out.

Contest alert  ! Design a French Hip Hop album cover involving Lucas and win a bunch of stuff I have lying around, which includes the now-notorious Ron Allen music CD, some Cardiel Epicly Later’d DVDs etc etc. Send your entries to :


5 Responses to “Interlude⎜Lucas’ favorite crapules”

  1. Mat LDN Says:

    What? Not even mentioning La Rumeur, the greatest HH band from his home turf?

  2. sebcarayol Says:

    And Hamé is more from Peripgnan than Toulouse, fadoli ! How’s the new life, besides?

  3. Cheb Says:

    Nasme, le (1/2) frère de Stéphane Larance, quand même…

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