Interlude⎜Morsay would have done it at the Clignancourt flea market *

I thought A Visual Sound lost some of its popularity among the world’s top graphic designers circles, and then I read this post on You Will Soon about when they tried to do that readers’ contest.

So mine (designing a Lucas-themed French hip hop album cover) wasn’t nearly more succesful, but we still have a winner: François Grand out of Switzerland, who chose to go the heavy social comment way by giving Lucas’ imaginary album a title that says : “Fuck your mom at the Cap d’Agde.” And that’s, hmm, where? Well, Cap d’Agde is France’s # 1 destination for swingers, nudists and for aspiring teenagers living nearby who are eager to learn more about how “it” works –such as yours truly in his time.

For reminding me of that slice of scandalous, yes totally informative, teen memories, François, congrats. Your package should have reached by now.

Other people, fret not : a new, actual post is on its way for Monday.

* You gotta be knee-deep into the worst of modern-day French hip hop to get this one. I advise you stay on the strand.


2 Responses to “Interlude⎜Morsay would have done it at the Clignancourt flea market *”

  1. Julien Snowsurf Says:

    Ha ha ! Bien joué, vive Morsay !

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