Totally gratuitous Andrew Allen top 10 tunes

‘ see, I told you it wasn’t dead yet. I really need to find a book about the greatest excuses for not updating a blog. How about: “I was really tired to see the Oompah-Loompahs below every day?” Thats would work.
Anyway, out of the blue, here are ten tunes that Andrew Allen is listening to at the moment. I’m not gonna lie and say I’d like to turn this into a regular feature, because if I definitely would love to, I’m pretty sure I won’t and A Visual Sound is gonna slide again into a semi-coma. So, please, enjoy this post for what it is and while it lasts. And see you in … six months?

1. Fear : Living In the City
2. The Velvet Underground : Pale Blue Eyes
3. Roxy Music : If There Is Something
4. Lil Wayne and Birdman : Leather So Soft
5. T.I. : What You Know
6. Elvis Presley : Burning Love
7. The Replacements : Androgynous
8. Lil Wayne : I’m Me
9. Merle Haggard : Okie From Muskogee
10. Devo : Gates of Steel

[On a side note, my maison-garçon Valery posted the same list on their mag’s website, but in a manner that you can actually listen to the tunes. That’s some 22nd Century process that I, unfortunately, don’t think I have the necessary tech level to reproduce. Check it here. ]


5 Responses to “Totally gratuitous Andrew Allen top 10 tunes”

  1. robbie Says:

    Damn! Back from the dead! Glad you’re still alive… keep at it homie. See you again in LESS than 6 months. sil tu plait et merci.

  2. sebcarayol Says:

    Robbie, in less than 6 months that ‘d have to be in LA…

  3. La secrétaire est un homme Says:

    Wow ! My name appears on this prestigious blog (not that far from Gino’s). One day I’ll have children and they will be proud of their father. Well, maybe not…

    • sebcarayol Says:

      Especialy a father who’s gonna raise them on the French California coast among all the bros, now THAT’s what’s up.

  4. goldchain Says:

    Good list of tunes.

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