Re: Music ⎥ Another brick in the musical wall with Brian Anderson

(Photo courtesy of 6×7 photography master, Sam Smyth)

What were you doing three months ago? It’s so far back that memories are a bit hazy for me but now, wait, I remember: I was busy writing the last post before this one on the blog! I’m really running out of semi-funny intros to apologize about not having time to “generate content” (it’s the XXIst century way to say “write for free”) so I think I won’t bother anymore.
Anyhoo, some kind of spasmodic action is back on A Visual Sound with one of my all-time fave skaters, the Street Pirate sometimes referred to as Brian Anderson. Having always marvelled  at the impeccable musical selection on his video parts that priviledged good music and sometimes just friendship (very noble, the Muska thing), it was just natural to ask BA his own audio perspective.

Pink Floyd: Brick in the Wall Part II
As used in: Welcome to Hell (Toy Machine, 1996)
“It was my first video part. All new to me, and J. Thomas was editing and said he thought that Pink Floyd song was perfect. I was never a huge Floyd fan, but that song worked great.

I was totally OK with Pink Floyd though, but I was suprised cause I feel songs like that are so valuable. I guess I was sort of flattered that Jamie would think I was worthy of such a “classic.” What a great video. Except I never ever watch slam section anymore. In any video. I really can’t remember if I had any other songs I really wanted myself.

I watched my part with Floyd with Elissa and Maldonado. We slept at Tum Yeto for a while with Jamie. Playing pool editing, eating vegan sandwiches. Jamie worked so hard!”

Gabor Szabo : Bacchanal
As used in: Life of Leisure (Sheep shoes, 1997)
“Mike Manzoori and I sat in a small garage in Santa Rosa smoking a lot of weed. It was a rainy groovy time period in life. The Gabor Szabo track was so fitting. That was a great time in my life. Broke, stoked, and just about to go pro.”

DJ Chad Muska: Master B
As used in: Modus Operandi (Transworld, 2000)
“Now Transworld, I think it was too expensive to get this Young Bloodz tune, with a “Z”, it’s an artist that Mike Carroll turned me on to. The song was called 85 (Billie Dee interlude) and it’s funny, cause Young Bloods with an “S” at the end is some dumb college white boy bullshit.
Anyway, couldn’t get  it and Chad had been making a lot of beats and songs. I just kinda let him do his thing, I’m sure it was fun for Ty Evans to edit to Chad’s wild song. Once again, good memories, touring with Carroll, M.J. For first time.”

Interpol: Obstacle 1
As used in : Yeah, Right! (Girl, 2003)
“Interpol was just growing in the music world and I found out about them juuuust before they go too big. Ty liked the song and I think it worked really well. That whole album is excellent. And I was honored to be in the Girl video.”

Capitol Years: Train Race
As used in : Thrasher SOTY video (2003)
“OK, so the Thrasher video I haven’t seen in a while but I knew The Capitol Years ’cause they were friends of ours from back East and they would crash at our house in S.F. when on tour.
So they were stoked to have their music in a skate video. There was another tune on the part [Paik: Low Batter Transmission] but I’m terribly sorry I don’t remember it at all -Thrasher has a music sheet to pick from off a label they are “allowed” to use.”


4 Responses to “Re: Music ⎥ Another brick in the musical wall with Brian Anderson”

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  2. Redwood Says:

    B.A. what a righteous dude. His part in Welcome to Hell blew me away. I felt like that skating rocked just as hard as the song. After we all learned to flip in and flip out that video was a return to going big and fast. SO RAD!

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  4. crazylike Says:

    skated to enjoy the silence in that nike video too.

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