Interlude ⎢ Loose trucks and bastard grooves

Tommy Guerrero © former “la Lettre” mastermind Benjamin Deberdt

Every now and then I get hit by a question from a reader, and alas more often than not I totally forget to do my research and reply to it. Which is a shame as most of the time, it’s a question I’ve wondered about for a minute too…

So, yes dudes and dudettes, and once for all, one of the few tunes from Stereo’s A Visual Sound (1994) that didn’t come out of the Ululation album –reissue coming out in 2011, Wax Poetics records promised !– was that hard-hitting “Hey, ha hey” tune on Matt Rodriguez’ part  and was indeed Tommy Guerrero‘s. Unless you collect all the 10″ records coming out of Galaxia records, its title remained mysterious to most.

It’s actually called Slow Ride Soul, and came out in again 2002 along three other great tracks on the Backintheday (one word) slab of vinyl  -it originally was out a first time in 1995 on the New Breed label. Now go buy it, loosen your trucks and go wear some baggy baggies !

If you ever need to get in the mood first, check this nice piece of Tommy playing at the Arkitip gallery in LA


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