The tenth life of Paco

Did you choose the music in your video parts?
“Not in the Powell videos, but in the 101 videos I did. The Powell video was Chuck Treece. For the 101 videos, I used Black Sabbath and the Beetles. I’ve always loved Sabbath. And then your musical tastes start expanding. From hanging out with Paulo, we listened to a lot of soul, a lot of funk, a lot of old-school stuff. If you notice the Chocolate videos, it’s got this old soul. My song in La Nueve Vidas de Paco is called
Cramp Your Style by All The People. It’s pretty rare. One of Paulo’s friends had this amazing record collection and he’d make us mixtapes. His name is Justin Palomini. I’d drive around, and we’d listen to them all the time”.


Just a little exerpt from the interview I did a few months ago with Gabriel Rodriguez in his Mid-City LA house for Skateboarder, which was put online last week.
Gabriel was amazing and opened up on a lot of funny, and a few touchy, subjects pertaining to, you know, the rocky path the afterlife of a pro skater career can sometimes become.
Other thant that… six months? Damn time flies.  After preparing, getting insomnia, and going through that skate art show thing in Paris, I needed a little break from the whole skateboard thing, ha ! I should be back soon. Maybe.


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