Sample size

True procastrination is easy to discern: it’s when you suddenly decide that your freezer needs to be defrosted this minute, right now. But what does procastrination sound like? Ahem, like that.
All of a sudden at some point today, for no other reason than realizing I needed to jeopardize that sorta-blossoming career of mine, it became crucial for me to search for the samples tunes used on some of the most notorious hip hop tunes from skate flicks.
Now, that was some time cleverly spent!
The only consolation being, now I have something to share. Oh well…
Feel free to guess all the video parts in question in the comments, and win nothing but a little procastrinative relief on your own. Ah, the guilt. Delicious.


3 Responses to “Sample size”

  1. Robbie Says:

    Another jawesome post mr. carayol.

  2. mutt Says:

    keenan – mouse
    menace – 20 shot
    quy – prime f.f.w.f. (used first i think)
    pepe – fine artists

  3. sebcarayol Says:

    We got a winner ! Thanks for all those who played ! In short, thanks for bothering, Mutt.

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