Interlude⎢Geoffrey and the Pacemakers

When legends collide! Thanks Arto for the raddest portrait I’ve seen in a long time… Photo © Artofoto

Sometimes, being a freelancer takes you to unusual places, where you end up talking about football (I’ll never call it “soccer,” suckers!) with a pro skater for an hour or so.
Such was the case with Geoff Rowley regarding his multiple winks to footballistic culture -the most famous being of course his use of Gerry And The Pacemakers’ You’ll Never Walk Alone in his Really Sorry part, which doubles as Liverpool Football Club’s anthem, duh.
How did that one tune come into the picture? Geoff explains.


“If you’re from Liverpool, especially where I grew up -2 miles from the Anfield Road stadium-, everyone is singing that when you’re a kid.
The generation that came before me, they adopted it as the song for the city because of what it meant: the passion for the city. You’ll Never Walk Alone reflected the passion for the Liverpool FC, too.

It was just the right time for it, for me and for to use it. It fit well. The band is from the city also, it’s Gerry and the Pacemakers, my dad’s brother played with musicians and various bands from that kind of era, the Beatles and all this movement of the Merseybeat bands came from all that scene.

It was a pretty fucking rad message and it came from a really small town. That meant a lot. So, that’s why. Every song has to mean something to me or it means nothing to me, I can’t just go, “Oh, that song is so fucking cool.” I put a lot of passion into my skating cause I love it, it’s personal like that for me. I don’t want it to be the same shit.

When it came out, I gave the video to a lot of people in my family. My dad’s brother, like I said, who was in a lot of these Merseybeat bands from the 60s, he got a kick out of it. They all did. And my grandmother before she passed away, she got a real kick out of it. Imagine that old lady watching that skate video, saying, “This is a song from my youth, at least that means something to me. Good job, Geoffrey,” you know? That was cool.

And a lot of my friends from the City kinda appreciated that I fucking didn’t forget where I came from, you know what I mean, that I wasn’t trying to be something else, and that I put something in there that fucking… meant something.”

The skateboard version…

… The solo version… 

… And the version with a 40,000 people choir:


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  1. Robbie Says:

    Another quality blog post. Well done sir… Keep em coming in the oh twelve.

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