Meanwhile at the Blue Tile Lounge

Sometimes it’s that easy of a concept : recently, North Carolina’s finest DJ Merlin and DJ SPCLGST, aka the Tones Brigade, decided to release “Live from the Bluetile Lounge – The Rebate” -basically, a mix of tracks of all styles and genres, all coming off skate video soundtracks over the years.
For good measure, it’s super-spiked with, quote, “shout out drops from some of  your favorite NC legends and rippers like Dan Murphy, Justin Brock, Kenny Hughes, Jed Shooter, Connor Champion, Rodent from the Skateboard Mag, plus Josh Frazier of Black Sheep Skateshop , Sturgill Horn, Chad Shooter, Travis Knapp-Prasek, Cameron Keene, Ian Isenhour and many more repping North Cacka to the fullest!” Sounded like awesome on paper, it’s even awesomer upon listening. The mixtape is here and the tracklist is below. Good job, North Cackans! And looking forward to The Rebate’s rebate!


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