Re: Music⎪ Adam McNatt

adam_mcnatt_012Adam Mcnatt at his current daily grind -Ink Gallery tattoo shop in San Clemente. Photo © Seb Carayol

It’s hard to pick a part from Snuff that was not ground breaking -as was actually the case with pretty much all the 101 videos when Natas company was around. Besides the introduction to Wu Tang on the Western side of the Atlantic as far as skateboarding is concerned via Gino’s part, it also featured quite a  banging of a part from a teenage, pre-tattoos, pre-Evol, even pre-360 flip to 5-o on that box at the SF contest,  Adam McNatt. Yes, the one set to this 1986 slightliy crustier cover of Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco by The Smarties.  As the ’90s often did it, this specific song was a nod at a specific event in Adam’s life… But let’s let him explain why this one, and how picking music in general on his own video parts went.

Adam McNatt: “My first real part was in the Powell video, Celebrity Tropical Fish, but we weren’t involved at all music-wise, they just did their thing and you’d see it when it came out.

But on Snuff, the If You’re Going to San Francisco song, Natas wanted to use it for my part cause he thought it was cool, I think I was actually going to San Francisco to live up there. Skateboarding was really different back then, really technical, flipping in and flipping out of little curbs.

I started doing a lot of stuff later with 411 and a lot of my video stuff I’d give to them cause they had such a big reach all over the world. What was fun too is that they gave me free pick on music choice and stuff .

But overall, one I was really happy about was in the Evol video, forgot the name of the actual video [Still Life – Seb’s note], but I used a song from The Genitorturers, it’s some kind of English heavy metal goth thing, its’ this chick singer and it’s all hardcore, like  S&M , they were this weird band and they had that song that was pretty good [“120 Days,” mistakenly credited to “The Cenitortures” in the video’s credits -Seb’s note]. I ended up using it for that video and it came out pretty cool.


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