Fortunato d’Orio happens to be what’s up


Hey there -you might not be around the corner, but on Saturday night (May 25th) in Marseille, France, I’m curating a three-day event around an “adult” cultural approach of skateboarding, meaning that there will be guests as odds as contemporary artists, contemporary dancers, documentary makers and that, well, sorry, a few polysyllabic words might be used at one point or the other.

But the one performance I’m the proudest of is this one : I hired ace classical piano player Fortunato d’Orio (from the Opera de Mulhouse, mind you) to cover, live, classic tunes from 20 classic skate parts -while said part is playing, mute, on a giant screen behind him.

As Fortunato started to send over his reworks, I couldn’t help but matching some of them to the actual video part -Hers’s what a few of them sound like… More infos here. Come!

If that’s too intellectual, I’ll add that we’re actually having Wu Tang (for real) playing the night before!


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  1. Fortunato d’Orio / Carl Shipman – A Visual Sound | Stereo Sound Agency Says:

    […] More info about the project: […]

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